How to become gentlewoman


Have you ever heard about gentlewoman? We always think about women like pretty, charming, sweet,… but we haven’t thought they’re gentlewoman.carmen da lat check in 8 1024x768 - How to become gentlewoman - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

Gentlewomen are not only smart but also charming. When you’re a gentlewoman, you lead a happy life.

When you become a gentlewoman, you will…

You know that learning is never enough to be smarter. Knowledge is uncountable. If you don’t learn more and more today, you can’t improve yourself.

Reading books’ one of the things that you should do. It’s a good habit for everyone who wanna accumulate useful knowledge. You can read books 30 mins everyday or 2 hours every weekend. Arrange and make ít again and again until it becomes your habit.

You know why you need to do exercise everyday. Smart thinking must be in a healthy body. You can not feel good when you stay at the hospital. You can choose a pair sport and enjoy it 2-3 times with friends weekly.

Playing sports helps you be comfortable, unstressful and connect with everyone. Live your healthy life to enjoy what life brings to you.

When you know how important doing exercise is, you will research healthy meals. They’re really beneficial for you, for your friends and family. Spend time sharing them, that’s a good practice.

If you understand how important meals are, you’ll cook them for yourself. And then you need many recipes. Cooking meals makes you diligent, careful and persistent.

You don’t only enjoy delicious meals but also relax when cooking. It’s one of the good things in life.

Besides, you should join life skill courses. You can become better everyday by fashion style, music taste, personal experiences,…

You learn how to match and mix clothes, colors and find out your suitable style. Enjoying short trips every weekend brings many novelty experiences to you.

Skill life courses help you to realize what’s for you or not. You can either choose to pursue or give up. Save time for your life. Life’s short, don’t procrastinate.

To conclude, if you do all of what I said, you can increase your own quality of life. That’s the best way to become a gentlewoman. And then, you live your life happily.


Lady in red. Tác giả là đứa con gái đời đầu 9x, sinh ra ở đất Sài Gòn ồn ào, hàng ngày vẫn băng qua những con đường khói bụi để mưu sinh, nhan sắc tầm thường, tài năng kém cỏi nên nỗi chỉ bán chữ dạo trong cõi đời này để lật lên những đau thương mà kiếm sống. Chọn cô đơn làm bạn, ân ái cùng sự điên cuồng của tâm hồn để vẽ nên những trái tim bằng máu chính mình trong màn đêm.