What I say when I think about generation gap


When it comes to the generation gap, I always think about my family. Because of the age gap, we often have a difference of opinion.z2393717997492 f68dd9a11055ae321a25c89badefb04e 1024x683 - What I say when I think about generation gap - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

When I was a child, everyone always thought my parents were my grandpa and grandma. I didn’t feel surprised when someone asked me about that. It became such a normal thing.

Here are what I think about the generation gap:

  1. Different thinking is normal.

You are young and have some different ideas but your parents don’t agree with them because they are old. They had many experiences in their life but they are not the same as what you think. Whenever you tell them some new ideas, they tell you many reasons for infeasibility. Maybe they just wanna give you good advice and show you how difficult it is.

Everything is developed too fast to be caught by the elderly. Many news things are invented every day. Rapid growth is a problem. It creates a long-distance relationship between young men and their parents.

Sometimes I don’t have many disagreements with my parents but I spend my time explaining to them what I’m doing.

  1. Elder men can’t understand what your lifestyle is.

All older men grew in the old society. They didn’t know about social media, technical equipment, smart services,… which are easy for young men to use. Besides, they have old ways of thinking and old opinions about a career, a lifestyle, etc…

When you were growing up, you learned useful knowledge and developing technology. Your parents hadn’t.

When you were learning, they were busy working hard. That is why they can’t catch up with new technological advances.

New lifestyles are common in modern society. You don’t only like it but also suit it. But your parents can not suit it.

They don’t understand what’s happening and why you’re doing that, so they ask many questions.z2393716549302 a7fa2438dcc1a6fdec1a5ebfd3a5333d 1024x683 - What I say when I think about generation gap - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

  1. Spend your time explaining what you are doing.

When you have questions from your parents, the best thing to do is to give them clear and exact answers.

If you can explain to them what you’re doing, they’ll understand and support you. Parents always wanna help and support their children but they don’t know how to do that. That is the big reason why they always ask you about what you’re doing or your lifestyle is.

Don’t be angry with them when they wanna know much. They just want to take care of you.

Even if they can do nothing to support you, they still support you in some way that you didn’t realize.

  1. Successful discussions are not easy.

I think you usually know that almost all discussions with parents are not easy to succeed.

Why? What is the matter with our parents?

Nothing happens with your parents. They just can’t understand what happens and how society is now. If you want a successful discussion, you should be patient. You need to explain what really happens and how society is, to your parents. Tell them why you choose your lifestyle, how good and suitable it is for you.

Maybe you have to do it again and again and spend a long time on it. The elder men are always conservative, which is why you need to be really patient.

Everything can be solved when you invest enough and do it in the right way.

  1. The generation gap is a special gift if you know how to discover that.

I don’t think the generation gap is really a big problem if you understand it enough.

It will be a special gift if you can take advantage of it.

Elder men can teach you valued lessons by their experiences in the past. You can’t find them anywhere. They are not in any books. They are in older men’s minds.

Don’t think old knowledge is not useful in modern life because you always need a foundation for development. If you have nothing today, you’ll have nothing tomorrow.

Learning from old lessons and developing new things in your life are the best ways to improve yourself.

Finally, the generation gap is not as bad as you think. Just relax and think about positive things. When you open your mind, you can realize and learn many new valued experiences from others.

Also, spend your time explaining to your family why you live like that. Don’t keep silent. That is not a good choice at all.


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