Why you should read books


When you read a title, what do you think? Now I show you 5 reasons why you should read books in this post.20210102 160316 01 1024x768 - Why you should read books - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

First, learn many useful things.

When you read books, you should thank authors. Because they told you their stories, you can learn their experiences. Maybe their stories aren’t amazing but valued. You can avoid many mistakes in your jobs or your life.

Books don’t only have good things but also open a new world in your mind.

Second, broaden my mind.

Do you know that you can catch a train and go to Portugal from Saigon, Vietnam?

That’s why you need to read books. That should be a weekly habit. You can understand world history. You can know about The Silk Road, how to establish the Istanbul of Ottoman, more and more,… Along with technological advances, you have reader machines and can acquire useful knowledge in various fields. That’s so convenient.

Third, clarify thinking flow.

During school years, you studied A. When you work, you learn B. And then, when you read books, you can imagine a picture from A and B.

That can make your thinking flow clearer. Work effectively, be smarter, make progress.

Fourth, improve essential skills.

If you wanna be promoted, you should know the soft skills that are needed for your job. Time management, problem solving, leadership, critical thinking,… are what you should learn.

You can’t be better if you learn nothing. Books are good friends. Many famous authors or writers published valued books. They’re the best-sellers in the world.

It’s not difficult to choose a suitable book for yourself. You can buy them in book stores or websites easily. Keep doing and you will get satisfying results.

Last but not least, understand the world more and more.

You can read various books. It gives you diverse knowledge about history, astronomy, culture,…in different countries. Through that, you love a wonderful world and novelty things. You make your life colorful.

To sum up, time becomes valued when you spend it on reading books. If you’re too busy, start to read books 30 mins weekly.


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