Do academic degrees matter these days?


Many people ask me: “Do we really need academic degrees?”.

In my opinion, it is important but not everything. Maybe you do not think like that. Don’t confuse too much. I’ll tell you my reasons right now.

Although I have a university degree, I still do not think it can decide many successes. Why do I say that?

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  1. When do you need academic degrees?

The only time when I needed my degree was in my graduation ceremony eleven years ago. After that, it becomes one of the papers in procedures.

Maybe you do not believe in what I said. I don’t care because it is my story. And in my story, I had started as a marketing assistant when I was a 3rd-year student. I worked for a big corporation in building material.

Now you can know why I did not use my degree.

I don’t say that you do not need to learn major diligently. I just say a degree does not determine your opportunities in life.

We have different lives. We can choose different things. I tell you my story but you need to write your own story.

  1. How useful is an academic degree?

After my story, you know I did not need it for my job. It does not mean I do not need it for knowledge and skills.

When I learned major, I did be careful. I did all of my exercises and read books before joining classes. Instead of playing games, I spent time researching major subjects. It made me have good marks and became one of the top students at university.

When you invest enough, you gain an expected result. It never wastes time. I wanna remind you of an important thing that if you did not try your best when learning at university, you could not gain anything valued. It is a principle. You should remember it.

  1. Do employers really need academic degrees or not?

When you ask me this question, my answer is “maybe or not”.

You should think about how important a position is, maybe you can find an exact answer. Because every position is different, their requirements are not the same.

For example, you apply for a sales position and what do you need to prepare? Maybe you need your CV, degrees and some photos,… Have you ever thought about what employers need? I give you what they need: your skills, your knowledge about the market, your experiences in fields and how you will do that.happy car salesman closing deal 1024x641 1475206455915 crop 1475206473771 - Do academic degrees matter these days? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

For the second example, a company offers you a discussion about a marketing director position. What are they looking for? They are looking for an experienced applicant, understanding customers, researching about competitors, and showing leadership. How can you research information if you have no right approach? How can you have the right approach? The answer is to take extra courses.

In this case, maybe your knowledge is not shown by degrees but without degrees, you have nothing if you do not try to learn for yourselves.

Up to now, do you have an answer for yourself?

  1. Make your degree useful

How many degrees are enough? One, two or ten? No number can exactly say that. But you can think about a key point.

What is your major? Which degrees impact your major? How impactful are degrees?

When you answer these 3 questions, you will know how to make your degree useful. Of course, you should gain certificates which upgrade your level. They do not only make you professional but also earn a lot of money.

  1. Improve your soft skills or acquire more degrees?

After reading 4 previous points, what do you realize in this question? Maybe soft skills are proved by degrees or not. Some skills need to be self-studied while others can be acquired through lectures.

Actually, degrees or no degrees are not as important as your experiences. Employers need useful employees. If your degrees impress a recruiter, it is what you should do. Otherwise, you should practice your skills more and more.

When you become a master in your field, no one asks you for degrees again. They always know who you are, what you can do.

  1. Choose and keep walking on your way

After nonstop efforts, I am sure that you are so tired and bored sometimes. Someone gives up but never should you.

I used to be like that and I knew it vividly. You should take a relaxing vacation and not quit your way. I recommend you a favourite book “So good they can’t ignore you” (Cal Newport).

No right way is there for you. You must find it out. The best way for you is to try and try until you achieve your target.

z2376789110638 dddcdf31dbb6de9bbbdb1e4fd7791528 1024x734 - Do academic degrees matter these days? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sexFinally, I tell you my story and the experiences I have had. Maybe no answer is exact. Just try more and more until you find what suits you. You can not foresee how long it takes you. Never give up.

“Do we really need academic degrees?” you have a answer now. Hang on there and you will achieve your goals soon.


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