Tips to be smart with money


Everyone always wants to save more money because they need to pay for many things. Stop shopping is one of the ways to save money usefully.

In this topic, I’d like to share some tips to be smart with money with you.

  1. Make your checklist

How to make a checklist? You just write what you need to pay down. After that, you can arrange them from important to less important. It is your checklist.

Now you can read a checklist again. What do you realize? You did not pay much money for what is important. You waste your money on shopping, buying useless things too much.

Now you know how you waste your money. And then, you can stop asking “Where is my money?”.d0031473b5354c58acd4dd5a11094e2e - Tips to be smart with money - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

  1. You need a financial plan

After you realize where your money went, you need a financial plan. From your checklist, you can allocate your income to many parts. When you have a financial plan, you need to follow it up.

Example: My income is $1.000. I spend 50% on bills and 20% on emergency funds. And I save 30% of the income.

Do you think it works well? I answer “yes”. It is always a good choice. I tried using this way and it made me feel better.

Of course, when you wanna buy something new, you can divide money into many parts. It is one of the ways, can help you follow your plan up. You don’t only have a new thing but also keep a financial plan. Right?

  1. Think carefully before buying somethings

We always want to buy many things although we do not know why. We can waste our money easily. Girls can buy clothes and forget them until they clean their wardrobe. They buy clothes, shoes, and necessities from the marketplace almost every day. However, they always say “I have nothing to wear.” every morning.

What do you think when you have a party next week? You think you should buy something new and fancy. Right?

You chase after trendy dresses and shoes and never think about mixing and matching what you have in your wardrobe. You do not actually need to buy anything. You often have enough impressive dresses for special parties.

If you really have nothing to wear, you should think about shopping carefully. You can choose a pretty dress, which you can afford. Don’t hurry. Think about it and ask yourself “Do you really need to buy it?”.

After that, you can make your decision.

  1. Note what you pay for in one month

Note what I pay has become my habit. You can not save money if you don’t know how you spent it. When I check it again, I can control my money usefully. Every time I read my notices, I know what I should spend or not.

It is a good way to save money and keep my room neat. At first, you feel it is difficult and complex. Keep doing it again and again. You’ll get accustomed to it soon. When it becomes your skill, you are comfortable with it so much.

It helps you to keep your money in a wallet. Money never goes somewhere.heo 51436426 - Tips to be smart with money - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

  1. Saving money is important and necessary

My friends usually say “I don’t know why I’m always broken.”

It makes them stressed and unhappy every day. Do you enjoy life when you are unhappy? That’s why saving money is important.

Sometimes you need to treat yourself by an amazing journey. In case of sickness, you will realize why saving money is necessary.

In the nutshell, I think you know why you need to control your spending plan carefully. It does not only save your money but also increases your quality of life.

You can live a better life when you have a good financial plan. You can enjoy a comfortable life, spending time on exciting vacations, and are not stressed about money.

I know no one wants a tiring life but almost all of them do nothing to change their lives. If I must choose one of the ways to improve my life, I make a spending plan right now.

You can try some tips on what I wrote. Hope it is helpful for you.


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