How do sales succeed?


“How do sales succeed?”. I think it is the biggest question which every salesman always wonders.

When you are a salesman, you must try your best every day. Sometimes good luck is not enough for everyone. Good luck is a small part of success. What are the other parts?photo1538469229007 1538469229007506284088 1569211996768349741029 - How do sales succeed? - ban-hang, goc-marketing

To answer the question, I will give you some things which I think are important.

  1. Understand what you sell clearly.

When you wanna sell something, please spend time researching it carefully. How to understand products? You have many different ways. The easiest way is to read the product’s direction. Besides, you can ask your coworkers, your leader and read documents on the internet.

How does your knowledge help you to sell? You can give customers some helpful advice and make it become your chance. When customers agree with your advice, it is the moment you can sell something useful for them. Because no one spends time on useless things or things which they don’t need.

When you understand your products, you are so confident about yourself and what you say. In most cases, your confidence makes you win. It is an important thing which you need to remember.

I think there are 50% opportunities to win a deal.

  1. Understand your customers.

Everyone always says that you must understand your customers and their insight. But no one can tell you what insights are exactly.

What are customers’ insights? I am not sure but I can know what customers’ demands are. After knowing them, you can recommend customers suitable products.

Giving your useful advice and satisfying customers’ demands is your good chance to sell something amazing. Do you think the same as me?

If you do not know what customers need, you have nothing to advise them. Unless understanding products, you can say nothing although you know what they need. You need both of them.

In fact, understanding customers is not too difficult. It is easier than thinking too much. You just spend time practicing more and more every day.

How to understand customers? How to realize what they need?office concept illustration 114360 1248 - How do sales succeed? - ban-hang, goc-marketing

I have some tips for you like:

Look at customers’ clothes and necessaries (watches, wallets, shoes,…) to know their finances.

Look at their ways of looking at products and asking for products’ information to know how they make decisions.

Look at whom customers go with to guest reasons they need it.

I write some details and you should observe more details to have exact results. Based on the results, you can have suitable ways to approach customers successfully. After that, you know what you should do.

  1. Soft skills make you win.

What are soft skills? What skills do you need? Many sales can not answer these two questions or give me some unclear answers like making decisions, negotiation skills, consulting skills,… They talk about big things and forget that good preparation brings you success.

Based on my experiences, an important thing is good preparations. What are good preparations?

Every day, I go to the office in a good mood and prepare everything to meet my customers. I do not care about how many customers I meet today. The only thing I care about is that I have the best preparation for every customer whom I will meet.

Besides your mood, you need products’ knowledge, sample contracts,… When you finish them, you prepare to meet and deal with customers.

Maybe you should write what you wanna say down in the notebook. It really works. Because they remind you when you forget something and something may be of great importance.

  1. Be patient whatever happens.

Be patient because customers always need time to make decisions. When they spend money shopping, they always wanna have a suitable product. No one buys useless things.

Two things which you must have if you wanna succeed, are honesty and patience. When you tell the truth, customers believe you. Maybe they buy nothing today but tomorrow. When you show your patience, customers can realize your efforts and remember you as a good salesman.

Sometimes, customers ask you something and they buy nothing today. But tomorrow they can sign a big deal with you because of your patience and honesty.

Besides consulting useful information, you need to follow up with customers well. Unless you do that, your customers can buy goods from other salesmen.

pngtree business office flat character meeting png image 37339 - How do sales succeed? - ban-hang, goc-marketingIn a nutshell, you just remember the only thing: focus on customers. Even if they do not buy anything today or you can not realize any benefits.

When you focus on customers, you can observe better than before. Sometimes you see a small chance to sell goods. Catch it right now. Take advantage of it and combine it with your good preparations. I guess you’ll have a big idea to negotiate with customers.

Having good preparations is not easy but you can practice it day by day. In this way, you can improve your skills and gain results.


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