How to make a travel plan


Travelling is an interesting activity which everyone likes. One may choose a combo tour, but another does not like that.

Young people like something new and amazing. That is why they do not choose tours from travel agencies. They will make a travel plan for their journeys and enjoy them.z2421192752429 65340e5b70491dbc97ce0ce337e2e4bc 1024x681 - How to make a travel plan - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

Before enjoying an amazing tour, you need a travel plan. A plan makes sure that you have activities and a suitable timeline during vacations since you can not fly if you did not buy plane tickets before. Apart from that, you should book rooms, rent motorbikes and other things before beginning your tour.

And now, I will tell you some tips to make a travel plan.

  1. Find famous places in the local area

Why should you find famous places first? Because you can make a plan based on information which you know.

After listing where you wanna come, you can arrange them suitable for your purpose.

For example, when I came to Bangkok, I wanted to visit famous pagodas such as Wat Traimit, Wat Pho, Wat Arun,… I checked their locations on a map and made a plan for my tour easily. Maybe pagodas are distant from each other and I needed to go boating to reach them.

My example makes it clear why you should know the location of famous places. And then, you can save money for transportation during the tour.

Finally, you have a good preparation for your vacation and make it great.z2450532412758 231316d3c63d6efa2890d8b5354ee2ce 1024x683 - How to make a travel plan - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

  1. Booking plane tickets, rooms, and rent vehicles at an affordable price

The second step is booking plane tickets, rooms and renting vehicles. Why do I tell you that?

If you do not book tickets and rooms, you spend money unreasonably. When you book them before, you can save a lot of money. Believe me, I have tried it many times. I can save about 40% of the price for tickets, a room, and a motorbike.

Besides saving money, you always have good services. It makes your vacation much better. Do not skip the preparation step if you want a great tour.

A little notice for you is that you should book tickets before the trip for 2 to 3 months.

  1. Making a plan for activities throughout a day

You have something to do and somewhere to come but I do not have a year to do them. That is why you should make a plan for activities. Make sure that you have enough time for eating, relaxing and outdoor activities.

Maybe you wanna spend time reading books, make sure you have 2 to 3 hours to do it. If you wanna ride a bicycle around downtown, you need 3 to 4 hours. Making a plan suitable for activities is not easy but it is needed.

Knowing where famous places are and booking in advance are good ways to prepare for a comfortable trip.

  1. Preparing some apps for navigation and translation

Sometimes I fly to foreign nations and I prepare some apps for my trip. Apps for navigation and translation are 02 choices that I never forget.

A special point is that you can not use Google maps or Facebook in China. You must use QQ, Qpay, Qchat, and Weibo. Remember to buy a sim card to use the data service.

Singapore MRT tickets expire in 5 years. That is why I always keep them for next time. It is a way to save money and time for you.z2421192714849 5652265e76018da62dae320d3e058580 1024x576 - How to make a travel plan - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

  1. Learning something about the local culture:

You should read some laws to avoid committing laws. Do you know what the difference is between Thai and Vietnam’s transportation?

I give you an answer: they go along the left side although we go along the right side.

One more thing is that you can not use $2 paper in Cambodia. When you wanna pay something that has a price of $2, you must use 2 of $1 paper.

You can learn some dialects to speak with local guys. It helps you to feel deeply engrossed in local culture.

Besides, you can research something strange and attractive. I believe it’ll make your trip fun.

To sum up, I think you can make good travel plans for yourself and your friends. It is really necessary and helpful for trips.

Besides saving money, it makes you more comfortable. It is truly essential.

Hope you have many amazing trips after reading some tips from me.


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