Sex education for children and teenagers: Is it worthy?


Why do I write about sex education? It is useful for everyone even if you are young or old, a child or an adult.luc nao giao duc gioi tinh cho tre la thich hop1 1024x685 - Sex education for children and teenagers: Is it worthy? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

Recently I heard a sad story about a 5-year-old girl who was raped and killed by a murder who was her old neighbor. It is not the first case and it pushes me to do something or write something.

I always hope that children can protect themselves from bad guys. When I wonder what the solutions are, I come up with sex education for children as a better solution. And you can not have any results if you do it alone.

Teaching sex education is not only teachers’ responsibility but also society’s responsibility.

Besides, many teenagers are pregnant when they still go to school. What happens with them after that? They keep silent and never bear any baby. That is bad facts when no one teaches them about sex. They do not know any ways to protect themselves.

We always know how poisonous the Internet is when everyone can search porn movies easily. We can deny their sexual supplies but we can tell them how to take preventive measures. We have one more reason for sex education in school and at home.

I wanna raise it and hope the government will listen to us.

  1. Why should children be taught sex education?

In Vietnamese education, we do not teach children about sex, which is one of the reasons they know nothing to protect themselves.

When I read sexual documents, I know the PANTS rule which is important enough to teach for every child from 5 years old. You can research the PANTS rule and read it. I think it is so useful for children.giao duc gioi tinh - Sex education for children and teenagers: Is it worthy? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

The rule does not only write down private parts of the body but also discusses ways to protect from bad guys even if they are close guys.

Most sexual abuses are done by acquaintances like neighbors, cousins or uncles,… After being abused, victims always feel bad and their lives are never normal again. They always fear and feel guilty about themselves. They never have any peaceful nights again.

Many victims become bad guys when they grow up because of obsession. They seem to lose control of their lives and many victims try to kill themselves again and again. Sometimes they become crazy.

Bad results are real reasons that children should be taught sex education.

  1. How does sex education affect teenagers?

When you ask any teenagers about preventive measures, how many percent can answer this question?

I have no idea but I think if they know one of the preventive measures and understand why they should use it clearly, they are never pregnant unintendedly. Everyone understands how risk abortion is clearly. Besides, having sex when they are too young can lead to many sexually transmitted diseases.Giao duc 1 3169 1595874192 - Sex education for children and teenagers: Is it worthy? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

When I read documents, I was so scared because of the bad results of sexually transmitted diseases. They destroy your health. Sometimes, you can never have any babies again.

Abortion is never a piece of advice. It does not ruin health but also beats the soul. It attacks the mind strongly and hurts victims so much.

Sex education gives teenagers preventive measures and keeps them safe from committing faults. They know how to protect themselves from sexual abuse or sexually transmitted diseases. They can have sex safely. No more young mothers feel guilty when they talk about their babies.

When they have enough knowledge, they can choose the right things and build better lives. Homeless children are always poor. They desire real family so much. If you have seen their eyes one time, you can never forget how they are. They never know why their parents left them and ask everyone again and again.

  1. What should we do?

We can impart useful information to teenagers, combined with some activities at school and teenagers’ clubs. They are helpful ways.

Besides that, the government and parents need to have suitable activities to guide teenagers.

With children, we need to teach them basic lessons about private parts of the body and how to get away from bad guys.

When they can realize who bad guys are, they can defend. That is the result which we hope for.

With developing technologies, we can ask children to use smart equipment to pin locations. That is one of the useful ways.

Nowadays, we should be careful with everyone, even friends or good neighbors. Being careful is necessary.


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