Are you introvert or extrovert?


Have you ever considered yourselves an introvert or extrovert? At least everyone has asked themself like that once before.IntrovertExtrovert2 - Are you introvert or extrovert? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

I always ask my parents why I am always funny and active although some friends are the opposite. Then I found an answer for myself. That’s why I understand introverts and extroverts.

I am an extrovert and I’m so crazy (maybe like that)!

Being an introvert or extrovert has never been a problem. The important thing is how you enjoy your life with your personality. We should know everyone has weaknesses. We need to identify and find solutions to them.

When you are an extrovert, what happens?

The good news is that you have an amazing life. You are a key person at every party. Your friends love you because you always make them feel better. Your life’s really attractive. I believe in that.

No day in your life’s bad day. You always feel happier and happier with everything you do. But it causes trouble sometimes.

You can be a good leader because you can make friends easily. You have good communication skills. And it makes you succeed in your career.

You can make someone feel better when they’re upset by your funny stories. Don’t think it’s easy. No one can do that. Just someone can do that.

You love outdoor activities like picnics, camping in the jungles, or natural places. Maybe you like many sports: swimming, rowing, trekking,… They’re so amazing. I love them so much.

Because I’m an extrovert, I know how an extrovert life’s so clearly and how I should enjoy my life. If I can tell you about my life in one word, I’ll say “Wonderful”. How do you feel? It’s really good, right?

I often travel with my friends. We enjoy our holidays in natural places like lakes, forests with go swimming, go fishing, BBQ parties and camping somewhere wild.

I have weekly parties with fruit juices, BBQ, and some mocktails in the garden. They make us feel closed and happy. We can share things in our life from jobs to personal lives. We can understand each other and are beside each other when one of us needs to listen.

Sometimes I’m so noisy. I can laugh, talk about everything all day. If you like silence, you’ll hate me. I know that but I just live my life and try to not disturb everyone too much.

You can make friends with extroverted people to know how they enjoy their lives. They’re really amazing and not noisy enough to run away. You will have a new sight about extroverted people.

I think it is good for you.

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What happens when you are an introvert?

You don’t love parties or crowds. You love to be alone. Your life seems like a symphony that a musician plays on a windy day.

Silence is golden. You enjoy it and feel happy when you can do everything lonely.

You live a quiet life with your habits. You can spend your time reading books, listening to music or gardening all day.

Sometimes you don’t know how to make friends although you love them so much. It’s not funny. But it’s an introverted life.

Despite living a quiet life, you still have some unique achievements. You can be a professor in difficult fields, self-studying successfully, and completing specialized researches. Most extroverted people can not do that. Do you feel so amazing now?

Everyone always says introverted people are unsuitable to be a leader. Don’t believe in them.p09hgtd4 1024x576 - Are you introvert or extrovert? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

I read some documents about talented leaders and realize that they are introverted people. Why can they do it? Because they are more sensitive than extroverted people, they can understand people better. They can listen to everyone and give good advice. I think these reasons are logical. I absolutely agree.

If you wanna ask me why, please answer the question “Do you want to work with an unsympathetic boss?”. If you say “no”, you understand why I agree with documents.

When you are an introvert, you are a special gift for your friends. You can spend time beside them, listen to their stories and give them some good things sometimes. You’ll be a valuable friend.

Everything usually has 2 faces: good and bad. If you know your weaknesses, you can try to improve them. Besides promoting your strength, this can bring achievements to you in your career.

No one is perfect. No one is bad. Just choose and improve yourself day by day. That is the best way to become the best version in the future.

Don’t waste time thinking about what has not happened. Just do what you think.

Introvert or extrovert is never a problem. The problem is your mind.

To sum up, I think you should try everything you want. Nothing is right or wrong. Identifying what is suitable is of much more importance.


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