Do you really love yourself?


The first time someone told me about self-love was three or four years ago. After that, everyone talks about it everywhere and every time.

Sometimes I wondered if they had ever understood what self-love is.IMG 1612004557761 1612005033451 01 1024x768 - Do you really love yourself? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

Everyone talks about self-love and they suppose that they always need to fight to have gender equality. After that, they write a long checklist about what they request from the government and society. Sometimes you can realize some famous faces on TV in the news and they keep talking about women’s benefits nowadays.

Maybe they think that is the way to live a life of freedom and love themselves but I don’t.

When I think about self-love, I imagine a lady who has an amazing lifestyle. So, how is her lifestyle?

  1. Play a sport which is your favourite

Playing a sport is a good choice to relax after a period of hard work. Instead of doing morning exercises, you can play a favourite sport or a pair sport. It helps you relieve stress by activating muscles.

When you play sports, your body produces hormones to increase positive thinking, which hinders negative emotions. Besides, playing sports builds a strong immune system and improves your muscles. You can realize that playing sports does not only make you optimistic but also keep your body in shape.

Sometimes, you can invite your friends to join you or take up new sports to discover your potential. I think it is a good idea.20210215 085831 01 1024x684 - Do you really love yourself? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

Three years ago, I had not joined any yoga class because I thought it was not suitable for me. After that, my close friend asked me to join a basic yoga class with her. Do you know what happens? I really liked it for the first time. You should try doing something new that you have never done before.

After playing sports for a long time, I realize my immune system gets better day by day. It protects me from sickness. That is a way I love myself.

  1. Never skip any meals

We are always reminded about how important meals are on TV, news, and magazines,… But what do you do? I know some busy men and ladies who always skip their breakfast or just drink some coffee and they think that is enough. It is wrong.

Your body needs enough energy for a new day and your stomach has been empty for a whole night. How can there be enough energy for your body to function if you eat nothing?

This is just breakfast. How about lunches and dinners? Some girls tell me that they never eat lunches or dinners because of their diet menu. Some guys take their late meetings as reasonable explanations for not having meals in time. They always have reasons and resort to it like a habit.

Having meals in time is one of the ways to strengthen your immune system. It protects you from flu, fever, and other illnesses. Besides, you should take notes of minerals and vitamins. They are as important as blood to a body.

Never skip your meals if you love your body and wanna be a healthy guy.

  1. Learn something new

What do you do on weekends? My friends always get up late, stay in bed or watch movies and eat potatoes all day. I never believe they are good habits.

I always have plans for my life including weekends. Maybe I will meet some friends and chat with them at a coffee shop. Sometimes, I join a workshop to learn something new or plant some trees in my small garden. I do not spend time on useless things.

Last year, I joined a yoga class on Sunday evening. Now I pursue the class and keep my body fit. It sounds good. Besides, I joined a Chinese class with a tutor. We have 06 hours to learn every week. Now I can speak basic Chinese and listen to music or watch movies.

When you learn something new or read books, you will realize that we are just a drop in the bucket when compared to the universe. Many things have not yet been discovered and humans are small sand in universal history. I want an amazing life and live as I want.

  1. Join outdoor activities

One of the things I love is outdoor activities, which have a great impact on my health and my body like doing exercises. My outdoor activities are camping in the forest, having a picnic on the lake,… I can sleep under lighting stars and see dawn on the lake, listen to birds in the morning,… You can not do that if you always spend weekends at home.

When you discover natural life, you change yourself and learn many useful things from nature. You can know about trees, small bugs or colorful birds,… You do everything for yourself instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. Valued lessons are learned.IMG 20210217 145105 01 1024x683 - Do you really love yourself? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

After working hard, you need time to relax. Sleeping under the sky is a good choice. Spending your time in nature is better.

Outdoor activities are not only good for your health but also positive for your thinking. A healthy person does not only have a fit body but also a conscious mind. That is why I take care of my mind well.

  1. Live a worthy life

Everyone always looks after a different life and hopes it will become worthy. Why do they make their lives worthy? It is the best way. We do not need to go around to find it out. You can make your life worthy today, friends.

Making your life worthy is not too difficult to do. If you want it enough, you can make it. You can start by doing some little things every day like going to bed early, reading books on the weekend, or researching how to plant a tree,… Little things build your habit usefully. I did like that and it really worked.

When you gain some small results, they make you feel better. After that, you have more and more motivation to become your better version. We do not need to do big or unique things. Small different things in your life make big changes.

We do not live to become great men. We live our lives and make them better day by day. When you try your best every day, you have a worthy life as you think. A worthy life does not only make you happy but also brings positive thoughts.

20210215 084626 01 1024x683 - Do you really love yourself? - trai-nghiem, live-love-sex

In a nutshell, loving yourself is a good thing which you should do. You only live once. If you do not make it better, no one can do it. Living a worthy life is the best way to say that I love my life so much.

Do not think too much. Start it right now. After that, you can realize what you have had in your life is so valuable. Do not waste your time. Use it usefully and lead a worthy life for yourself now.


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